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Frequently asked questions

Version 1 controller units are manual operation only. A V2 controller is already in the works that will be DMX compatible!

For dry cleaning - gently wipe down with a microfiber cloth. For messes involving liquid - wipe with a damp rag and dry with A microfiber cloth.

Our products are weather resistant. This means that high moisture environments and light rain is manageable, however, use in moderate to heavy rain is not recommended.

AC Power - Removable V-lock power supply with 10' power cord. Battery Power (native V-lock) - Compatible with all production camera batteries that include a D-tap power output.

Neither the AD frames nor controllers produce any noticeable heat.

Our proprietary PDLC diffusion has the highest heat rating in its category with an operating temp of over 200˚. We recommend that users keep a minimum distance of 4 feet from all direct HMI or incandescent sources that exceed 1000 watts and to not exceed 2000 watts.

The product's melting point is above 200˚, however, one might experience a slight increase in transparency at the hottest point.

We have not found notable differences in the way Active Diffusion™ frames react to one source vs another.

Yes. The total thickness of our 40x40 frame is roughly 1 1/2" making most storage or cart options designed for standard 48"x48" frames an option.

In most cases no. The max flicker-free frame rate in "60Hz Mode" is 240fps.The max flicker-free frame rate in "50Hz Mode" is 200fps.Similar to all non-continuous light sources, the potential for flicker may vary depending on specific camera settings.

If punctured, the material should continue to function properly unless the connection is lost to a specific area (e.g. severed corner).

All controller units are currently universal.

Because the default position is "100% diffused," unplugging the frame at any stage will cause the material to immediately revert to this.