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  1. The warranty period is one (1) year, from date of delivery, unless otherwise limited or agreed upon for a specific product or a product batch. The warranty does not cover the possible battery of the product or additional third-party products sold through
  2. The Supplier guarantees that products, which are used under normal circumstances and according to instructions of use and the applicable legislation, will function properly and are manufactured of defect free materials.
  3. When receiving the delivery those preceding the end user in the supply chain as well as the end user are to carefully inspect that the shipment is according to the packing list and technical documentation and that no visible damages occur. The supplier is to be informed of any deviations immediately.
  4. The warranty liability covers the repair or replacement of the defective product, including freight, forwarding and other direct costs linked with delivery of the repaired or replaced product under warranty.
  5. The warranty repair shall be made by the Supplier or the Suppliers authorized representative, who, when needed, shall replace the defective product in whole or in part with a new one. The precondition of the liability to carry out a repair under the warranty, if the Supplier so demands, is that the defective product or the defective part of the product is returned to the Supplier or a third party nominated by the Supplier.
  6. The warranty is limited as follows:


- The warranty liability does neither cover dismantling costs of the defective product nor assembly of the repaired or the replacing product and does not cover indirect costs or losses resulting from example dismantling or reassembling equipment other than the defective product.

The Suppliers liability does not cover damages or defects which could have been detected in the inspections specified in paragraph 3. above, or consequences of such matters.

The Supplier has fulfilled its obligations according to warranty in respect with the defective product when the Supplier has delivered a new product as replacement or returned the duly repaired product.

After the termination of the warranty period the Supplier shall be liable for only such defects and deficiencies, which are due to the Suppliers gross negligence or intent.

The Suppliers contracting party is to limit their own warranty liability accordingly in their own terms of sale.