first all-in-one production light

The LumenArc PHOTON is a compact all-in-one utility light made for production crew in mind. Designed to replace all lighting tools that currently exist on set, the PHOTON is versatile enough to replace common flashlights, headlamps, and flexible stem lights, easily transitioning from camera, to cart, to everywhere in-between.

The PHOTON can also perform as on camera lighting with high quality specs that rival studio lighting for professional images when used in front of the camera.

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product features

flex arm

The 10" Flex Arm docks to the PHOTON magnetically with a secure connection that rotates 360˚ with active charging.

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bi-color tunable

Transition between 2700K and 6500K for range on camera or to fine-tune your work environment.


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magnetic back

Use the Magnetic Back to fasten to the to flat surfaces such as camera carts, shelving, or Head Strap accessory(coming soon).

power from anywhere

The Flex Arm base adapts to both D-tap and USB to power your PHOTON from virtually anywhere.


universal mounting

The Flex Arm natively mounts with an industry standard 1/4 20" male thread and an optional mini clamp.

electrical specs

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high quality light

With a CRI of 96+ and high frequency(flicker free) LEDs, the PHOTON is ideal for lens flaring and lighting small to medium subjects.


variable output

internal battery

The PHOTON can run for ~2.5 hours at full charge.

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 5.46.01 PM.png
  • The PHOTON can quickly toggle between SPOT and FLOOD to control light spill. 

  • 4 step intensity from 20-300 lumens